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Internal Medicine Specialist

Calabasas Medicine

Daniel Rosen, MD

Concierge Medicine & Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician located in Calabasas, CA

Daniel Rosen, MD, in Calabasas, California, is board-certified in internal medicine. What this means for patients is that he’s able to offer a well-rounded menu of medical services. At Calabasas Medicine, Dr. Rosen treats adult patients ranging in age from 15-100. Put simply, Dr. Rosen is a good choice for anyone looking for a primary care physician who focuses on wellness instead of just treating illness when it happens.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine, or general medicine, is a medical specialty that deals with adult conditions and wellness. Dr. Rosen's practice focuses on the prevention of conditions that affect you as you age, as well as the management of multisystem disease processes. As an internist, Dr. Rosen’s goal is to prevent chronic diseases and treat the whole body, as opposed to focusing on just one organ.

Specialists in internal medicine study the connection between the various bodily systems. A person with diabetes, for example, has an increased risk of heart disease, ocular conditions, and reduced kidney function.

Is there anyone internists do not treat?

As a rule, this specialty does not treat children because they face different health challenges than adults. To see Dr. Rosen, you must be at least 15.

What kinds of services does Dr. Rosen offer?

As an internist, Dr. Rosen serves as a primary care physician. He provides patients with:

  • Wellness exams
  • Screenings
  • Skin biopsies


People come to him for just about everything. He diagnoses diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. He provides adult vaccinations, too, such as the flu shot or shingles vaccine. He creates treatment plans and will coordinate with other medical specialists as needed. For many patients, he serves as the hub for a coordinated care team when dealing with insurance companies, too.

When should patients see Dr. Rosen?

For the most part, you should see Dr. Rosen first for everything except for extreme emergencies. Many insurance plans require patients to see their primary care doctor first and then get a referral for a specialty consultation, if necessary. 

The exception is a medical emergency. A person having serious chest pains or trouble breathing or who has trauma from an accident would seek emergency care at the nearest hospital. Once they’re stable, the hospital staff should contact Dr. Rosen. Then, he can provide the relevant medical history to the doctors in the ER and coordinates with them in planning care.

To learn more about how internal medicine can benefit your health, call Calabasas Medicine today, or book an appointment online.